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Tasciovanos Rings. Sills class 5, Rings, Horse Left, dies 31/28. c.25BC-AD10. Gold quarter stater. 10mm. 1.37g. Two solid crescents in centre of four-armed whorl cross, ringed-pellet on end of each arm, pellets in angles. / Horse left, T in front, AS below, [C] above. ABC 2592, VA−, BMC 1645, DK 526, S−. Good EF, neat flan of rose-gold, superb spiral wreath, full-bodied horse, clear inscription. In exceptionally crisp condition, truly ‘mint state’, the finest we’ve had. Found Hambleden, Bucks., after 2006.  EXTREMELY RARE die pair, only ten others recorded. 

This is a superb specimen of a superbly designed quarter stater. Its unusually well centred obverse reveals the four-armed whorl in all its dazzling dizzying splendour. By bending each three-band ‘wreath’ the engraver makes the two crescent moons seem as if they are spinning.

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