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  • Antiochos III – Elephant

    Antiochos III – Elephant

    Lot 161. SELEUKID EMPIRE. Antiochos III ‘the Great’. 222-187 BC. AR Drachm (17.5mm, 4.14 g, 12h). Apameia on the Orontes mint(?). Struck circa 212 BC. Diademed head right / Elephant standing right; monogram to right. SC 1065.6; Houghton, Elephants, Type B, obv. die a1; HGC 9, 453a. Lightly toned, minor double strike on reverse. VF. Result: 225 USD AUCTION…

  • Antiochos VI Dionysos – Elephant

    Antiochos VI Dionysos – Elephant

    Lot 167. SELEUKID EMPIRE. Antiochos VI Dionysos. 144-142 BC. Serrate Æ (20.5mm, 6.90 g, 12h). Antioch on the Orontes mint. Struck mid 143(?)-circa 142 BC. Radiate and wreathed head right / Elephant standing left, holding torch with trunk; to right, ΣTA above palm frond. SC 2006b; HGC 9, 1043. Dark brown patina, some earthen deposits, a little…