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  • Dumnocoveros Tigirseno

    Dumnocoveros Tigirseno

    In the upcoming Chris Rudd AUCTION 182 May 14, 2022 Lot 27.Dumnocoveros Tigirseno. c.AD 25-35. Gold stater. 18mm. 5.30g. Cruciform design comprising DVM[N] between two lines, crossed by wreath motif of large brick-like leaves facing inwards, beaded rings and wheels in angles./ Lunate horse left, pellet triad below head, TIGIR above, S in front, ENO below. […]



    Illustration of the devolving bust of Apollo and the reverse Charioteer from the gold Philipp II Stater to the Durotriges Stater: Thank you CGB Monnaies XV for this illustration Philip II of Macedon issued this gold stater which, paid to Celtic mercenaries, was imitated and did evolve for 300 years. In Pre-Claudian South West […]

  • Middle Whaddon Chase

    Middle Whaddon Chase

    Starting price: 1.600 EUR Estimate: 2.000 EUR Result: 5.000 EUR Lot 6007.KELTEN GELD – MÜNZEN DER KELTEN UND ANGRENZENDER NICHTGRIECHISCHER VÖLKERSCHAFTEN DIE SAMMLUNG CHRISTIAN FLESCHE. BRITANNIA. CATUVELLAUNI.   AV-Stater, Typ “Middle Whaddon Chase”, 60/20 v. Chr.; 5,64 g. Zwei Kränze über Kreuz, mit zwei halbmondförmigen Gebilden dekoriert//Pferd r., unten Rad, oben flügelartiges Ornament zwischen Kugeln. Rudd, Ancient British Coins […]

  • Addedomarus Spiral

    Addedomarus Spiral

    Starting price: 600 EUR Estimate: 750 EUR Result: 4.000 EUR Lot 6010 Addedomarus, 45-25 v. Chr.   AV-Stater, Typ “Spiral”; 5,56 g. Kranzspirale//Pferd r., darunter Füllhorn. Rudd, Ancient British Coins 2517; Slg. Flesche 44 (dies Exemplar); van Arsdell 1620-1.Gutes sehr schön Exemplar der Sammlung Prof. T.R. Gurr, Auktion Triton IX, New York 2006, Nr. 657 DIE SAMMLUNG CHRISTIAN FLESCHE […]

  • Caratacus Gold Stater

    Caratacus Gold Stater

    It was only found in November last year by a metal detectorist and it turned out to be the first and only gold stater of Caratacus, British resistance fighter against the Romans. On Sunday (15th Nov 2020) it sold for… 80,000 pounds!! The most a British celtic coin has ever sold for. Dr. John Sills […]